Clay Hughes – Talented Vocalist and Song Writer

When it comes to blues, rock, and alternative music, with a little hip hop thrown in for good measure, Clay Hughes does it right. Playing music that gets everyone excited is what it’s all about for this talented vocalist and musician. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, this burly 6 foot 9 inch singer and songwriter is imposing physically, but is in actuality a gentle giant.

Best Singer/Songwriter in Kansas City

Early in his career Clay had a band called “Clay Hughes and the What.” Currently he fronts the band “Hughes and Barclay,” which boasts seven band members, but goes out as a duo or trio as well. This talented artist has some pretty amazing chops, and was voted Best Singer/Songwriter in Kansas City in 2011.

Best Singer and Song Writer in Kansas City Missouri

Appealing to a Wide Range of Music Lovers

Towering over other kids in high school, it was only natural that he’d go out for the basketball team. But after getting his first acoustic guitar for his 16th birthday, it caused him to take a different path than sports. Although he didn’t take music seriously at first, once he was out of the house, he decided that gigging was a great way to pay the rent. He loves a wide variety of music including hip hop, pop, country western, and blues, but doesn’t like to limit his choices.

The Release of His Hip Hop, Country, and Pop Album

A recent album entitled “The Whether Machine” combines hip hop beats with some country twang. He is a highly sought-after vocalist by indie record labels due to his catchy original tunes and stellar vocals. With such an original sound, Clay appeals to a wide demographic, but his biggest fans are probably college-age young adults.

The Band from Clay Hughes

Currently, Hughes spends a lot of time in the studio, working with various music professionals like Rich Lester and Lennon Bone to write and record the music he loves. However, his biggest love is touring. Clay loves to get out on the road and play to live audiences, creating moments that people remember. There’s nothing like a live audience that appreciates the music he creates. But he knows the key to his success is due to the time spent writing and recording quality music in the studio. It’s the hard work before the live show that makes the show memorable.

As Clay continues to hone his musical skills, his music is evolving and growing, and the results are satisfying. What started out as a way to pay the rent and buy groceries has turned into a successful career, an endeavor that allows him the opportunity to do what he loves, write powerful tunes that touch the soul and perform them to enthusiastic audiences throughout the country. His band has gone out as a music band for weddings, has performed for private parties and concerts, but wherever he plays, it’s all fun for Clay.

With his considerable talent, work ethic, ambition, and country boy charm, there’s no stopping him. Hughes’ upside potential is unlimited. As he tours the country, increasing his fan base at every stop, it’s only a matter of time before the big boys start to take notice.




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